Monday, March 11, 2013

The cheapest unlimited plan for Androids ever!?

$40 Unlimited Everything?
             Thank you for reading my first post! Hey everyone my name is Michael and i'm just a 19 year old kid working as a MetroPCS dealer in a small town called Flushing in Michigan. I love working here! Iv been here for about 7 months now. This company is slowly becoming a contender for the top spot as total number of subscribers of all wireless networks in the Michigan market! I want to tell you about the pros and cons with the wireless provider! 
             First I want to let you know MetroPCS is not for everyone! Its only good for people in metropolitan areas. The coverage is just like sprint! MetroPCS has roaming agreements with sprint so if you ever had a sprint phone you know how our coverage will be like. So about this $40 plan. You get the Following..
  1. Unlimited Talk
  2. Unlimited Text
  3. Unlimited (up to 3G) interntet
  4. 1/2 Gig of 4G internet (if your in a 4G area).

            This is a good deal if your in our home area.

I want to know how much your paying for your phone! Leave a comment and we can talk about how much cheaper MetroPCS is then your current provider. lol 

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  1. too much thats for sure! My last bill from TMobile was 94 doll hairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!