Monday, March 11, 2013

Which MetroPCS phone is the best value?

MetroPCS has a big line up when it comes to Android phones. The samsung galaxy s3 was a very anticipated phone 4 MetroPCS. However when it came out the price ended up being 500 dollars for this device. The reason for this outrageous price is because MetroPCS does not have you sign a contract therefore you completely own the device is soon as you buy it. That being said the Galaxy s3 is not a very good value. The phone for the best value here at MetroPCS is the LG motion 4g. It goes for 50 dollars with the new activation and it has crazy specifications in it for only 50 dollars! I'm talkin a 1.2 dual core processor, 1 whole gig of ram, 5 gigs of internal storage, all working flawlessly on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. You get all this for 50 dollars?. Yes after rebates. There's always a catch with phone companies. The phone when you buy it from the store or online cost 99 dollars. Then you have to mail in rebate to get 50 dollars back that's why they say its a 49 dollar phone. Kind of misleading, and can be annoying for people who saw the price tag first. But when you get pass that the phone is very valuable. for 400 dollars more the Galaxy S 3 offers .3 hired gigahertz and about 11 gigs more storage with double the RAM. The GS 3 is pretty snazzy but for 400 dollars less you can get a phone that is pretty competitive in processing power to this 500 dollar beast. If you have an LG motion please leave a comment below telling me what you think of it.


  1. Oh yeah did I mention you get unlimited everything for 40 dollars a month on this LG motion?

  2. The best metro phone is the iPhone 5 now that you can move unlocked ATT iphones to metro! xD